PerYourHealth – Pay Your Medical Bills at (Official)

PerYourHealth is an online bill payment portal, meant to pay your hospital bills and expenses. It is an efficient and confidential payment mode for your medical bills. 

Hospital stay is distressing, and people find it exhausting and time-consuming to stand in queue for hours to pay the bill before discharge. Under such circumstances, Peryourhealth comes to the rescue.

What Is PerYourHealth?

Peryourhealth is a popular and trusted method to save oneself from such agony. It is a time-saving and cashless billing platform for a hospital bill that is available 24 hours, provided one has access to a laptop or smartphone.

At Per Your Health, the transaction can be carried out conveniently using either debit/credit card or online banking. The portal collects bills from users (patients) according to their billing summery and sends the payments to respective hospital or health care services.

We have provided complete information about PerYourHealth Online Payment Portal such as account registration, login, pay bills, download bill pay statement in this article.

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Requirements Of

For opening an account, the user has to provide necessary credentials:

  1. Age must be 18+
  2. Your hospital or health care service must be an approved partner of the portal.
  3. Email id
  4. Mobile number
  5. Medical bill
  6. Registered user id ( available on patient billing statement)
  7. Internet connection
  8. Laptop or smartphone

Once registered, the user receives User ID and Password for login to the health account. From next time, the medical bill can be paid by sign in to health account.

How To Register PerYourHealth Online?

As mentioned, the online billing portal is the safest and quickest method to pay hospital bills comfortably.

1. The users have to visit the official website to get themselves registered.

2. You might notice that that there is no option to register a new account. In such cases, you can use your billing account id and access key printed on your billing statement to login to the portal directly.

Conclusion: There is no new account registration available on the portal as of now. We will update here if the official website start receiving new account registrations.

Pro Tip: Since there is no registration required, you don’t need to worry about PerYourHealth Login with your credentials, check more details below.

How To Pay Bills at Online Payment Portal

Step 1: Visit the official website where you can actually access your health account.


Step 2: Enter the Account Number from your Billing Statement. Or you can also enter the Registered User ID to login to the portal. Tap “Continue” after filling the account number or your user id.

Step 3: Check the medical bills and fill the bill amount.

Step 4: Choose the payment method such as Debit/Credit Card or Online Banking. Don’t worry, your card details will not be saved.

Step 4: Log out of your account.

Step 5: Member will receive acknowledgement receipt on the registered email account.

That’s it guys! this way you can actually pay your hospital bills online. The best thing about per your health pay bill portal is that, you can update your Insurance information at the portal itself.

How To Recover Forgot PerYourHealth User ID?

It is perfectly natural for a person to forget or misplace their User ID. Under such a scenario, one can’t access his health account on PerYourHealth Online.

If any member has forgotten User ID, there is no need to get impatient. By following simple steps, the member can recover his User ID: 

Step 1: Visit the homepage and tap on “Forgot Your Registered User ID” option.

peryourhealth user id recovery


Step 2: A new page opens where the member should enter the registered account number and continue. The account number is printed on the patient billing statement.

Step 3: The member will receive a mail with the User ID on his registered email account.

Step 4: A member can now access his account using User ID and Password.

PerYourHealth Benefits

1. Convenient Payments

It is a convenient mode of medical bill payment as the bill can be paid using a computer or phone from the comfort of your home also.

2. Easy Bill Statements

A member can check the present and previous bill statements effortlessly. One can download and take a printout of their bill payments any time easily.

3. Time Saving & Paperless

It is time-saving and paperless as one avoids standing in the queue which saves your time. Per Your Health Portal is a cashless billing platform. So the family members of patients don’t have to carry cash. The paid bill will reach your email so that you don’t need to worry about keeping bill copies safe. 

4. Safe & Secure

PerYourHealth is safe and secure to use and is very user friendly. If there is any problem with your transaction, you can expect a refund from the company in no time. On the other hand, your payment details will not be saved at all.

5. Convenience of Pay

Bills are paid using your bank’s debit/credit cards or through the online banking network.

6. Location Friendly

The medical bill is paid from any place by logging into your registered health account on homepage.

7. 24/7 Service

The website is accessible throughout the day for the convenience of the members.

PerYourHealth Disadvantages

1. Income Tax

A person who pays huge medical bills is liable to pay Income Tax since he/she is using online payment method which includes all kind of taxes to the government. On the other hand, you are either using your debit/credit card or online banking to pay your health bill.

2. Health Insurance Data Exposure

Your medical history is accessible to insurance companies that might not be beneficial to the member. It means that you cannot hide your health condition or status with the insurance issuance company. So, you will need to either pay higher premium value to get benefits from insurance or stick to what you deserve.

3. Transaction Issues

There are a lot of chances that your payment gets stuck due to weak internet connections or acceptance by healthcare companies and hospitals. In such situations, you will have to wait for the refund from peryourhealth online medical bill payment company.

4. Personal Information

Never share your private details like PerYourHealth User ID and Password with strangers if you have a registered account. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have an account since there are new registrations allowed on the portal as well.

5. May Be Incompatible In Future

Everything is super fine so far but we cannot predict the future. There is no guarantee that the medical company or a hospital always accept payments from this portal. So, please be cautious about your money and take valid decision by checking Approved Hospitals List before making payments.

PerYourHealth Customer Care Details

It is very important to check back and forth of any online service such as the customer care details, email id’s & phone numbers, etc.

Phone Number: (877) 268-0407

Mailing Address: PO Box 30309, Charleston, SC 29417-0309

Official Website:

If you have any difficulties, you can directly send them a email or mail to their mailing address. But the best option is to contact them through phone for instant response for your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How safe it is to use Peryourhealth Online Payment Portal?

It is completely safe to use for your hospital and medical bill payments.

2. Is Peryourhealth A Real Site?

Yes, it is a real site which is being used by thousands of people in the United States every day to pay their hospital bills.

2. Is Peryourhealth Legit Portal?

It is a completely secure online billing platform and is safe to carry out a money transaction.

3. Has Peryourhealth tied up with all clinics and hospitals?

No, a member must check it beforehand.

3. What are the timings to pay the bill through online portal?

The bill can be paid online at the portal throughout the day without any hassle.

4. Are previous medical bill statements visible?

Yes, a member can view previous bill statements anytime by logging into his health account.

5. What happens in case of any dispute?

A user must read all the terms and conditions before registration; however, in case of any dispute customer care should be contacted by the member to sort out the problem.

6. How can one access

The homepage can be accessed using a computer or smartphone from any place.

7. Who Prints Statements

It’s you, who can print your medical bill payment details and past payment statement.

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Wrapping Up

Today, it is not unusual to witness large crowd in hospitals whether it is for a doctor’s appointment or bill payment. The agony of patients and their family members is understandable. It becomes a dauntingly difficult task to stand in long queues for payment of medical expenses.

Peryourhealth is a great online platform that comes in handy for payment of hospital dues. It is a safe and secure method of online bill payment. The medical expenses incurred can be paid effortlessly and conveniently by the patient or any family member using Peryourhealth cashless billing platform.