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QuickPayPortal is the one and only finest online patient portal maintained by Athena health. Users can access the web portal at www.quickpayportal.com. It is an all in one health portal for patients and with the help of this portal, customers will get many services just like PerYourHealth.

We are going to talk about each and every service that is available on this web portal. If you’re one of the patients who want to take benefits with the Quick Pay Portal, you may continue reading this guide.

Things that you can do on this portal,

  • Access medical records
  • Re-schedule appointments
  • View and update personal info
  • Pay invoices and other associated services

Everyone will go through tough times in life with various health related issues. After being ill, everyone tries to get recovered as soon as possible, Moreover, the desire to be healed takes the person to a medical facility such first aid care center or hospital.

After going to the clinic and going through the treatment, the individual gets the opportunity to cure their health problem.

The remining task of the doctors or physicians is to prescribe the medicine to patients. On the other hand, payments to medical bills by the patients.

In such a situation, QuickPayPortal Can be your best resource where you may easily make payments to all the hospital bills.

Benefits Of QuickPayPortal Website

We all know that it is sometimes very difficult to carry the cash to the hospital. Moreover, we feel that there should be transparency in the hospital billings. To minimize all the problems with the payment to medical and hospital bills, Athena Health has started this portal.

With the help of the portal at (www.quickpayportal.com), everyone can book the appointment. Everything can be done such as booking appointments, re-scheduling the meetings or appointments can be done before leaving to the clinic.

Let us go through the benefits of quickpayportal.com

  • Book Appointments for doctor consultation
  • Re-schedule the Appointments
  • Access Health and Medical Reports
  • View and Update your private information
  • Download or View Prescriptions
  • View Test Result on the Portal
  • View Medical Bill Statement month wise or the clinic wise
  • Pay Medical fee online
  • Pay Consultancy fee online
  • Talk to Doctors over video call

In order to get all those benefits, the patient or a family member of the patient must first be enrolled on this online portal. The easy method of new account registration is given below. Don’t forget to follow the easiest guidelines to get started with a new patient account at QuickPayPortal.

How To Register A New Account At QuickPayPortal?

Even as we understand, some busy patients are entitled to make use of this site. Before use, she or he should enroll themselves for a dedicated account on the portal.

  • Visit the official website of the portal – www.quickpayportal.com.
  • Hit “Sign Up Now” link in order to start the registration process at the portal.
  • Enter the email id that you generally use for all your online communication purposes.
  • Hit “Sign Up” button and stay calm for few seconds.
  • Now, open up the Email on your PC or your Phone.
  • Check if the email from quick pay portal has arrived for the confirmation of new account creation.
  • Click on the link in that email and confirm the registration process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set the password for the account now.
  • That’s it! you have now a registered account at the portal.

After signup, the person can setup either an individual account or a family profile on the portal.

Step By Step Guide To QuickPayPortal Login

Once all the account setting up and formalities are finished, you are able to login to view your medical services, bills and prescriptions.

The biggest benefit within this portal is “Online Bill Payment”. It Is Possible to cover the Medical Statement or pay the Medical Bills online. Let’s see the instructions to make the payment towards to your hospital bills and medical bills.

  • Go to the official website at www.quickpayportal.com.
  • On the portal page, you will see the login option.
  • Enter the username or email address.
  • Type in the password of your account.
  • Hit “Sign In” button in order to be able to log into the account completely.

You are now logged in to the portal, you must have quickpay code to make the payment. Let’s see what is quickpay portal code for payment and how to use it.

www.QuickPayPortal.com/QuickPay Code?

Quick Pay Code is a unique code that is printed on the prescription given to the patient. By using this code, you will be able to view the bill statement and you may also use the same code for bill payments.

quick pay code

The QuickPay Code can be found on the payment method only if you have started the payment. If you have any doubts, you may get the help regarding the code on the portal itself.

How To Pay Medical Bills at www.QuickPayPortal.com

When you have quickpay code or the identification or access code, you can easily make payments to the your medical bills.

  • Visit QuickPay Portal landing pate at www.quickpayportal.com.
  • Enter the login details and hit “Sign In” button to be able to log into the portal.
  • You will have the ability to view the clinical bill in the account by using the quick pay code.
  • Enter the quickpay code to retrieve the bill amount for payment. You should do this only if you can’t see the sum of the payment on the screen.
  • Now, you’re going to be redirected to the payment gateway.
  • You will be able to see different ways and options to make payment to the medical bills.
  • After you have landed on the payment gateway, fill up the details required for the payment.

After successful payment, the acknowledgment receipt is likely to be generated. Athena health patient portal isn’t right suitable appropriate for the emergency center, make useĀ  of the athena health care toll free number to get help regarding your payment.

How To View My Payment History on QuickPayPortal.com?

In order to view the payment history, you should log into the portal first. After you login, you will be able to see the pending bills and acknowledge to the past payments made.

  • Visit the official quick pay portal by using any web browser on pc or phone.
  • Enter the login details and hit sign in.
  • Once you are inside the portal, you will see the menu and navigation system.
  • Go to Billing History section.
  • View all the payment history available on your account.

PriviaHealth Bill Payment Using Quick Pay Code @ www.priviabillpay.com

Would you like to make Priviahealth Bill payment with a Quick Pay Code on www.priviabillpay.com?, let’s read this section then.

1. Log in or get your accounts together with quickpay code to pay for the bill on the portal.

2. Choose the payment method such as Credit Card or Debit Card or Online Banking.

3. Fill in the detail required by the portal and start making the payment.

That’s it! you are done and you can now view the billing receipt. Need help in this matter? you can comment below this article.

Download QuickPayPortal App for Android & iOS

The quickpayportal mobile app is not yet developed. So, you cannot install the app either on your android phone or on your iOS device.

But you can open up the official web portal on your mobile phone using the google chrome web browser and you can start making the payment.

Quick Pay Portal Customer Support – Contact Details

  • Toll Free Phone Number – 1-888-774-8428

If you have got any difficulties at the time of account creation or login, you can get support from that number.

Wrapping Up

QuickPayPortal is not only for patients but all the family members of the patient can use it. On this portal, you can easily pay your pending hospital bills and medical bills online. It is quite easy to integrate all your hospital billings with a quick pay code. Comment below this page to get help regarding any issue that you may be facing currently.

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